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Why Use Hydro-Dynamix?

What should you know about before you decide to use a deep cleaning company?

Carpet cleaning companies are not all the same, and the service delivered may differ substantially between them. This is not just down to the type of equipment used and the level of technical training, but is also a function of the service ethic that the company subscribes to.


Proper identification

All our operators carry identification cards with their name, photo and a contact number for you to verify their identity

Free Survey & Quotation

We clean hundreds of different surface types, removing stains of widely differing natures. Every job is different and we offer a professional service, not an off the shelf product. If we don't come and look at the job before quoting we cannot offer a fully-inclusive price. Would you ask your builder or decorator to quote over the phone?


If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your clean, please discuss this with your operator at the time. Should any issues come to light after the clean has taken place then please inform your operator. In the event that any queries or complaints are not satisfied by your local operator please contact our Head Office where we will do our utmost to ensure you are fully satisfied, and if not we will instruct a full refund.

Next time you consider letting a 'carpet cleaner' loose on your home or think about hiring a cleaning machine on your own, will you receive this level of service?

Carpet Cleaning Methods

The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method for cleaning carpets. The truck mount is purpose built for this system, but it may not always be the perfect method for cleaning. Our operators are trained in the different methods for cleaning your carpets, and may on occasion recommend a different system such as bonnet buffing, micro-encapsulation or even dry cleaning. These may be very appropriate as part of a maintenance contract, where a lighter intermediate clean at reduced cost is called for.

What We Clean

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"A quality service
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"An excellent service both in quality of work and speed of response."


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"We shall certainly use your services again."