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Who's Ideal for Us?

Hydro-Dynamix franchisees come from all walks of life including ex-services, financial sector, engineering etc. Some of our highest earning franchisees had no set career path before joining us.

We are looking for individuals who are seeking to take control of their own lives, who have the ambition to build and manage a substantial business for themselves and their families, and who relish the idea of variety in their working life. We recognise that there is no 'perfect candidate' and we welcome the variety of individuals who seek to join us. The only key to running a successful Hydro-Dynamix franchise is having the determination to succeed and the energy to put this determination into practice.

You will need to be reasonably literate, numerate and articulate. You will need to know how to use the basic functions of a PC and have some experience of Microsoft Office™ or similar.

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