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The Environment

Limit Your Impact - Renew, Re-Use, Don't Replace!

Concern for the environment is at or close to the top of the agenda for all of us. Hydro-Dynamix contributes positively to the environment simply by achieving the perfect restoration of surfaces to their original condition, saving the significant environmental and financial cost of replacement. Our clients have the satisfaction of knowing that simply by using our services they are not only saving money, but making their own contribution to reducing their environmental impact on the planet.

Limited Use of Solutions

The power of the truckmount means that we need much less in the way of cleaning solutions than with a portable system, and some products we use are specially formulated for use with the truckmount. The vast majority of products are totally safe even for children and pets and we always carry Safety Data and COSHH sheets with us at all times. The power of the extraction system means that no solution residues are left behind.

Waste Water

All waste water is extracted to the truckmount rather than disposed of on your premises. In their diluted form the used solutions are not harmful and can be exhausted to the main drainage system.

We will always alert our clients in advance in the event that we have to use any solutions that may have a negative impact on the environment.

What We Clean

What Our Clients Say:

"Very efficient service."


"I could not fault his service."


"We were impressed with your working methods and the equipment you used."


"...attention given to all jobs, however small"