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How it Works

The Benefits

  • Power: far more than any portable system and guaranteed to remove all residues
  • Speed: Fast set-up time and much faster cleaning - we promise not to take up more of your valuable time than necessary to achieve the highest quality clean
  • Your utilities: are NOT used - we have our own power and water supply so we do not need to use your electricity supply or keep filling our equipment from your tap.
  • Improved Air Quality: All the waste is exhausted through our vacuum hoses to the waste tank on the van. We do not re-circulate dirty air into your premises
  • Multi-tasking: our units can accomplish so much more than a portable system, offering exceptional cleaning for so many different surfaces
  • Reach: our truckmounts can work up to 600 feet from the van - that's nearly 2 football pitches away!

Developed in the United States more than 40 years ago, these systems now dominate the North American carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. Hydro-Dynamix has taken the outstanding capabilities of the truck mount and found a much wider range of applications for which it is exceptionally well-suited.

The truck mount delivers water under variable pressure, variable temperature and with metered solutions to a variety of different cleaning heads. This is accompanied by a powerful vacuum, guaranteeing a deeper clean, a faster clean, and leaves your carpets dry in about an hour.

Vacuum Power

Truck mounts use positive displacement vacuum pumps that enable them to clean several hundred feet from the unit with minimal loss of power. There is a direct correlation between vacuum power at the wand and the efficiency of water recovery. Our high performance truck mounts are capable of moving in excess of 400 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and over 20 inches of mercury lift. These impressive vacuum levels result in significantly faster cleaning and are responsible for much less residual water in your carpets or upholstery, speeding up the drying process.

Water Pressure

The water pump units built into truck mounts are high pressure systems which are capable of up to 3,000 psi (pounds per square inch) or 210 bar. These systems are generally operated at 300-400 psi for carpet cleaning, and when properly engineered, this high pressure water increases cleaning power without harm to the fabric. The key to successfully using high pressure water in a truck mount is that it is well balanced by the capability of the unit's vacuum system to remove the water as fast as it is applied. The pressures employed by portable units are typically in the 40-100 psi range and are correspondingly less effective in the cleaning process. For external and hard surface cleaning, 3,000psi is close to the maximum that can be used without damage to all but the most resilient surfaces.

Water Temperature

Water cleans better at higher temperatures. With heat, the activity of cleaning solutions is dramatically increased which improves both the speed of cleaning and the effectiveness of soil removal. Greasy soils in particular become easy to remove with elevated temperatures. The truck mount offers the ability to deliver controlled heat so that the temperature does not exceed a level safe for delicate fabrics.

What We Clean

What Our Clients Say:

"The carpets not only looked as good as they did when originally laid, but the fact that we could walk on them after a couple of hours meant no need to vacate the lounge for hours afterwards."


"I wish to thank you for taking the black rubber mark out of my carpet."


"We were impressed with your working methods and the equipment
you use."