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Commercial Cleaning

Health & Safety

Risk Assessments

For larger jobs we will conduct a Risk Assessment at the time of the quotation. We use a 6 step process for assessment.

  1. Identification of hazards
  2. Identification of persons
    at risk
  3. Risk evaluation and mitigation protocols
  4. Recording of findings and communication
    of recommendations
  5. Implementation of controls
  6. Regular review of steps 1-5

Barriers and site control

All affected personnel will be advised and working areas taped or coned off. Please accept that high traffic areas may require extensive control measures to limit the risk to the public, employees and operators.

What We Clean

What Our Clients Say:


"...it was done over a weekend with the minimum disruption."


"We were also impressed with how accommodating they were to fit in with our business needs
(ie out of hours working and noise control)."