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Graffiti Removal

  • Correct use of sympathetic graffiti removal solutions
  • Totally self-contained, with our own power, water and heat
  • Removal of graffiti without damage to the substrate
  • Fast response times
  • Out of hours work when and where necessary
  • Full Health & Safety observed at all times
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Anti-Graffiti Protection

Invisible protection with breathable coatings cause no change to the surface to which they are applied:

  • Sacrificial coatings:
    Wax-based, invisible and wash away easily with pressurised hot water, taking the graffiti with them. The product must then be reapplied. This is suitable for large area protection where graffiti attack is relatively light or infrequent.
  • Permanent coatings:
    Hydro-Dynamix uses AGS Permanent Graffiti Protection (PGP), a unique One Pack Coating which gives effective protection against graffiti of all types on concrete, brick, render, stone, timber, metal and previously painted surfaces.

    Once a surface is treated with two coats of PGP, the graffiti is simply removed with soapy water. Rough surfaces will need the use of a soft bristle brush or, for larger areas, a warm water pressure wash. There is no other system which allows such easy cleaning. It is non-sacrificial - which means that you can clean the surface again and again without damaging the coating!!

    As PGP is a clear coating, the surface it treats needs to be clean or satisfactorily decorated prior to treatment. Light coloured surfaces like natural stone may darken slightly when treated. A pre-treatment of PGP Non Darkening Sealer will minimise this effect.

    PGP has been successfully employed for over ten years on major supermarkets, public buildings and monuments and a wide variety of other projects in both the private and public sectors.

    Sacrificial coatings and AGS PGP are unique in being microporous, allowing the substrate to breathe and avoid discolouration. Architects and designers specify this type of coating to ensure that there is no alteration to the look of a structure.
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