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Disaster Restoration

Flood and Water Damage

Did you know?
Even a minor leak from a washing machine can have far-reaching consequences on the structure of your property, your possessions and your health. What starts as an annoying incident can quickly turn into a nightmare if it is not properly attended to.

Service to Insurers, Loss Adjusters and Intermediaries

Benefits of using Hydro-Dynamix:

Customer care is at the heart of our service offering in damage mitigation and restoration. We recognise that there are two customers for every job - the policyholder and the underwriter. In addition to delivering a professional solution to every loss situation, we know how important it is that both parties are kept fully informed about the job in hand and given all the necessary information.

  • Technicians trained to a much higher standard than the average restoration specialist.
  • Ability of the truck mount to remove more water from the fabric of the building considerably reducing drying time and the return to pre-loss condition
  • No need for power to be restored before we start work
  • Full survey and assessment of every loss situation to establish the most effective remedial action
  • Total management of the drying situation to prevent secondary damage
  • Deployment of appropriate drying resources once the initial extraction is complete.
  • Total deep clean of the premises on completion when required

Flood Damage - Advice to householders

Know where your stopcock is to ensure you can turn off the water supply at the mains. Call Hydro-Dynamix (0800 169 0284) immediately. The sooner we can get to you the greater the chance that we can prevent significant damage from occurring and ensure your home is restored as soon as possible.

As an insurance approved contractor, we can deal direct with your insurance company.

  • Turn off the power at the circuit breaker before touching any electrical items.
  • Try to remove as many small items as possible from the affected area, especially books, pot plants, rugs and smaller items of furniture.
  • Use kitchen foil under the legs of larger items of furniture to prevent staining to your carpets.
  • Try to avoid using the affected area until we can come and assess the damage
  • Don't spread newspaper or any other printed material on wet surfaces since the ink will transfer to the floor.

What We Clean

What Our Clients Say:

"Our requirements were met to a high standard and quick turnaround, as time was the key."


"Thank you for your hard work."