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Disaster Restoration

Fire and Smoke Damage

While the destructive nature of fire is obvious, in the majority of fire incidents most damage is caused by smoke. Smoke residues can be highly corrosive and if not removed promptly they will attack surfaces and leave a permanent stain. Smoke is highly pervasive and will penetrate voids and cracks in buildings leaving residual odours that can be very difficult to remove.

Hydro-Dynamix will use specialist cleaning methods to prevent further damage and restore your property and contents to pre-loss condition. Valuables can be specially treated to restore them to virtually new condition, and we can even clean and restore most electrical items.

Fire Damage - Advice to Householders

Once you are sure that the fire has been put out (if you have called the fire brigade they will inform you) call Hydro-Dynamix to come and assess the situation and start your recovery programme.

There are a number of sensible steps you can take meanwhile:

  • Open your windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate.
  • Remove family members and pets (especially birds and fish) until we have assessed the situation. It is likely that your insurance company will cover the cost of alternative accommodation for you while we are cleaning your home.
  • Try to make an inventory of all your possessions, noting which have been affected. We will assess everything for you and may recommend cleaning even for those items that appear unaffected.
  • Don't forget to empty your fridge and freezer if you have lost power.
  • DO NOT attempt to clean walls ceilings or other surfaces and try to avoid using upholstered furniture. Soot and smoke stains require specialist treatment if they are to be successfully removed.
  • DO NOT use any electrical items until they have been thoroughly checked and tested.
  • DO NOT consume any foodstuffs that may have been exposed to smoke.

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What Our Clients Say:

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