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To find out how much care we take when we clean your carpets, please have a look at our Carpet Cleaning section.

We can clean any type of carpet including
CREAM CARPETS, WOOL CARPETS etc. Professional spot & stain removal including: coffee, tea, wine, oil, inks, lipstick, nail polish, sauces, glue, chewing gum, varnish, paint, rust plus much more. We would obviously be grateful if you can help us out by moving as much furniture as possible before we arrive but we can do that for you if you wish. Large items containing valuables will not be moved, nor will electrical items such as televisions, DVDs, stereos etc.

What does the Hydro-Dynamix cleaning experience include?

  1. A free survey and quotation: Our survey visit is not just to measure the area that needs to be cleaned. We will test the fibres to ensure we know the exact content of both the pile and the backing as well as its construction type in order to assess the optimum cleaning method and avoid any risk of shrinkage or dye bleed. We will discuss any issues with you, including moving your furniture, and leave a copy of the survey report with you.
  2. Booking a convenient time: We will always do our best to fit in with your requirements when booking a clean. If you need to cancel a booking just contact us.
  3. Planning the clean: The operator will plan the carpet clean in sections, moving furniture and other objects to one side before cleaning the cleared area and allowing some drying time before moving them back.
  4. Deep vacuuming: We prepare your carpet for cleaning by vacuuming with professional vacuum cleaners to remove all loose dirt and soiling.
  5. Prespray: Usually with an alkaline solution; this will penetrate to the base of the carpet and attract dirt and soiling away from the carpet fibres. It is important to allow sufficient dwell time for the prespray to start to work.
  6. Agitation: With either a carpet pile brush or rotary scrubber, to separate the pile and ensure the dirt and soiling is sufficiently loosened prior to extraction. Allow dwell time of 8 minutes.
    • Before

    • After

  7. Deep wet extraction: Using an acidic rinse to ensure the carpet is left in a pH neutral condition. This also has the effect of conditioning the fibres and leaves them much more cushioned and bouncy underfoot. The power of the truckmount means that most carpets will be left barely damp to the touch and dry in about an hour.
  8. Stain removal; any stains that have not been removed by the deep extraction process will be treated.
  9. Check pH of carpet and reset pile.
  10. Restore furniture to original position, using pads to protect carpet from potential staining from the feet of the furniture.

There are further stages involved in spot treatment of stains and the restoration of salvage state carpets.

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 Dust Mites found in dirty carpets can be harmful to health!


What We Clean

What Our Clients Say:

"Thank you for coming to the rescue of my carpets, they are almost as good as new."


"My carpets are a light cream colour and show every mark. But after a Hydro-Dynamix clean they look fantastic."


"...there were quite a few stains, including red wine and mud. We did not think much could be done but are really pleased that the carpets now look almost new."


"Glad to have found someone to do a good job and be at ease in the home."


"Highly recommended."