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About Hydro-Dynamix

Hydro-Dynamix started in 1999 as a pilot scheme to establish the viability of the truck mount system in the UK. We found that there were so many more applications for the system than the US manufacturers had thought of that there was an obvious opportunity to create a nationwide business servicing a wide spectrum of clients with a huge variety of applications.

The firm was launched as a franchise opportunity in 2000, growing steadily until the point where we can now cover the majority of the UK. In 2001 the firm gained Associate status with the British Franchise Association and has always supported the ethics, aims and objectives of the BFA.

Our graffiti removal and protective coatings division, Anti-Graffiti Solutions, was established in 2003 to meet the increasing demands of our national account client base for a total cleaning solution, and to develop the service offering for franchisees.

We significantly extended our Fire & Flood Damage restoration business in 2005 with a major supplementary training programme and investment in drying equipment. At the end of that year Hydro-Dynamix gained quality management recognition with the achievement of ISO 9001:2000 certification.

We are constantly developing new services and applications, broadening our client base and opening new territories. Our growth has relied on the ability of both employees and franchisees to focus consistently on client satisfaction and to go the extra mile. For our franchisees, it's not just a job, but their livelihood. They have invested significantly both in equipment and in training, and they know that their personal growth is dependent on happy customers, both for local and national accounts.

Our determination is to build not just a first class but a world class company employing the best trained and motivated people with the best equipment using the best technology to do the best job.

James Every - (MD)

After 17 years in finance James is delighted to be leading a company that meets the genuine needs of individuals, households and businesses.

"There are few business services where what you do makes such an immediate difference to the lives of your clients. While the financial rewards are excellent, the satisfaction and delight of the customer provides a tangible benefit that can pump you up even more than being paid.

There is a vast difference between leading and motivating employees and guiding and training franchisees. The enthusiasm and desire of franchisees to achieve something substantial for themselves and their families means that motivation is never an issue. The exceptional equipment and training we deliver is supported by the mutual interest of our franchisees to help each other, something almost unheard of in a traditional corporate environment."

James is a keen sport diver and also enjoys cycling, Taekwon-Do and tennis.

What We Clean

What Our Clients Say:

"I hereby give my full recommendation of the services provided by Hydro-Dynamix."


"We were impressed by how accommodating they were to fit in with our business needs."


"I must say that you dealt with my enquiry with excellent service in every respect."


"Very courteous and attentive at all times."